Share Your STORY

Have you used Statistical PERT® to estimate your project, or solve another estimation problem?  Don’t keep your story a secret!  Share your SPERT® story with project managers and teams around the world.  People want to know the “real-world ways” you and others have used this free, probabilistic, estimation technique – before they try using something new.  Your SPERT story can motivate someone else to try using Statistical PERT for the first time.

Statistical PERT is used around the world by small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, like the United States Census Bureau inside the U.S. Department of Commerce, as reported during a breakout session at the University of Maryland’s Project Management Symposium 2019. The U.S. Census Bureau uses Statistical PERT to estimate costs on research projects (click here to see that presentation).

If you’ve used Statistical PERT, you’re an early adopter of technology and technology-based solutions.  You’re a leader, and an influencer.  You can motivate others to use Statistical PERT so they can better align with their project stakeholders and make better, risk-based decisions.

Here’s how you can share your own SPERT story:

  • Post your SPERT story on your blog, or on other, professional, social media sites you use
  • Speak about your use of SPERT at a team or professional association meeting
  • Contact me so I can publish your SPERT story on this site


All Statistical PERT example workbooks and Excel templates are freely licensed under Version 3 of the GNU GPL, published by the Free Software Foundation.  If you have modified one of the SPERT download files available on this site, or if you have created your own spreadsheet file using SPERT, why keep it a secret?  Share your SPERT spreadsheet with other project teams around the world!

Here’s how you can share your SPERT spreadsheet on this site:

  • Ensure your SPERT spreadsheet contains no proprietary information or intellectual property
  • Document instructions on how someone should use your SPERT spreadsheet
  • Contact me so I can publish your SPERT spreadsheet to this site, making it freely available to project managers and teams globally

Note:  All SPERT spreadsheet files must be freely licensed according to the GNU GPL Version 3.  You will always receive personal attribution for any SPERT spreadsheet you create and share with others.


As an early adopter of technology, you naturally embrace change and new ideas.  That’s why you use Statistical PERT!  (If you haven’t yet tried Statistical PERT, what are you waiting for?).

As you use Statistical PERT, you’ll gain experience and knowledge of a free-and-easy, probabilistic, estimation technique that other people can use to create aligned expectations, risk-based alternatives, and better business decisions.  Don’t keep your SPERT knowledge a secret – share this easy, probabilistic estimation technique with others and help them improve their estimating skills!  Here are ways you can do that:

  • Share SPERT on the social media platforms you use
  • Share SPERT with your peer group and organizational leaders where you work
  • Point others to this website so they can try Statistical PERT — for free!


Have a good idea on how to improve Statistical PERT?  Or have a good idea on how to adapt Statistical PERT to handle a new estimation need?  Did you find a formula problem in one of the freely available SPERT download files?

Contact me with your feedback!  Tell me what you like about Statistical PERT, and what you think can be done to make Statistical PERT even better.