Would you like to learn more about Statistical PERT® to estimate your project cost or schedule, or other uncertainties, like your agile team’s product release date?

Join me, William W. Davis, for a free, one-hour, monthly webinar where I demonstrate how to use the built-in, statistical functions inside Microsoft Excel® using a SPERT® spreadsheet.  Each month I’ll cover a different aspect of probabilistic estimation.

Registration is required.

The March topic is: “How to Make Probabilistic Estimates Using Statistical PERT® Beta Edition”. Learn the basics of how to use the built-in beta distribution functions inside Microsoft Excel® and the Statistical PERT® Beta Edition spreadsheet.

Future monthly webinars (tentative):

  • April – Introduction to Monte Carlo simulation
  • May – Modding your SPERT® Normal Edition spreadsheet
  • June – Agile release forecasts using SPERT® Normal Edition