Join me, William W. Davis, for a free, one-hour, bi-monthly webinar where I demonstrate how to model uncertainty by using the built-in, statistical functions inside Microsoft Excel® using a SPERT® spreadsheet or one of the other free downloads available on this website.

The August webinar will explore how to use the lognormal probability distribution to model uncertainty. You’re probably already familiar with the normal distribution, but the lognormal distribution is generally a better choice for modeling project-based uncertainties which are skewed to the right.

After attending, you’ll earn 1 PDU from the Project Management Institute and/or 1 SEU from the Scrum Alliance. A certificate of attendance is freely available upon request.

Registration is required. There is no cost to attend.

The August topic is: “Easily Estimate Uncertainty Using the Statistical PERT® Lognormal Edition“. In this webinar, you’ll learn how easily model uncertainty and select probabilistic estimates for uncertainties that are skewed to the right. That is, uncertainties where it’s more likely that the true value will be greater than the “most likely” estimate than less than the “most likely” estimate. Modeling these kinds of uncertainties can be difficult using the built-in functions of Microsoft Excel UNLESS you’re using the new SPERT® Lognormal Edition!

If you like this month’s topic but can’t make the date, register anyway. I’ll send you a link to the recorded webinar a few days after the live event.

Download Statistical PERT® Logormal Edition (a freely licensed Excel spreadsheet) before or after the webinar.

Questions we’ll tackle in the webinar:

  • What is the lognormal probability distribution?
  • How do Microsoft’s LOGNORM.DIST and LOGNORM.INV functions work (and what makes them so hard to use?)
  • How does SPERT Lognormal Edition make using the lognormal probability distribution easy to do?
  • Why would I want to use the lognormal distribution to model my project’s uncertainties?

Future monthly webinars (tentative):

  • November – TBD
  • January – TBD

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