Would you like to learn more about Statistical PERT® to estimate your project cost or schedule, or other uncertainties, like your agile team’s product release date?

Join me, William W. Davis, for a free, one-hour, monthly webinar where I demonstrate how to use the built-in, statistical functions inside Microsoft Excel® using a SPERT® spreadsheet.  Each month I’ll cover a different aspect of probabilistic estimation.

After attending, you’ll earn 1 PDU from the Project Management Institute and/or 1 SEU from the Scrum Alliance. A certificate of attendance is freely available upon request.

Registration is required. There is no cost to attend.

The June topic is: “How to Forecast Delivery Dates for an Agile-developed Product using an Agile Burn-up Chart”. Learn how to align stakeholder expectations about likely release dates for your agile-developed product using the Agile Burnup Chart worksheet in Version 4 of the Statistical PERT® Normal Edition spreadsheet.  Create a visual, probabilistic forecast using just Excel’s built-in capabilities!

Attendees to the the live webinar will receive a certificate and reporting instructions so they may report 1 PDU to PMI and/or 1 SEU to Scrum Alliance, in accordance with those respective organization’s continuing education requirements.

Future monthly webinars (tentative):

  • July – Plan-driven project estimates using SPERT® Beta Edition
  • August – The “Flaw of Averages” and how to overcome the “Flaw of Averages” using probabilistic modeling
  • September – Build plan-driven projects using LEAPfrog: the Lean-Emergent Approach to Planning for realistic, optimized guesswork
  • October – Create an agile forecast when you expect varied future performance (due to holidays, vacations, or for other reasons)
  • November – Create an agile forecast by bootstrapping (simulating) when your next release will be ready using the new Statistical PERT® Bootstrap Edition (under development)

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